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Poured Aerial View Landscapes

The approach to painting in "Earth from Above", is to create images that are based on aerial view landscape, using collaged mixed media and experimental pouring techniques. In “Earth from Above”, My process is derived from a quest to discover a balance between control vs. chaos as well as factual vs. the imaginative. Both the precision of contemporary aerial photography and  often the imaginative aspects of historical cartography have shaped and informed this process of discovery.   Layers of the painting are developed through a process similar to that of Action painters in the 50's and 60's but also through  the process of collage and careful buildup of some surface areas.

I currently have a few mini pours available for sale that are not posted yet. I also do commisions. I can do a larger or smaller piece depending what you are interested in. I do aerial view landscapes that have more realistic colors(oceans,grasslands,arctic,desert etc) but I also do more abstract pours. If you pick and abstract version I can make it into the colors you choose to go with your theme in your office/home etc. Email me! <3

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